No Knife


It’s been a long time since the last posting but on the urging of several friends, I saw it fit to write in. We haven’t played any shows in a long time. In fact, I believe our last show was back in March of 2003 with Cursive. Since then we all have been following our own personal interests outside the band. As time goes on it is less likely that we will play again. I can only speak for myself of course and since no one has shown interest in posting anything I can only offer my take on things. Hopefully this will change in the near future.

New projects will be appearing soon. Ryan has been working on his own songs and recordings, recently having a song released on the “My Favorite Songwriters” compilation on Five One Records. In addition, Ryan has been performing here and there around San Diego doing solo acoustic performances. Check his site for any news,
Mitch is rumored to have been working on a new project with some other San Diego folks. I have not heard it but I am sure it will be more than worthy of some investigation. Brian has been playing some experimental music and doing some scoring for films as of late. I have been doing a new band with some old friends and will hopefully play out soon. We’ll post stuff about our new projects soon as things are finally getting to the final stages…

Some other things to mention. We have a new merch site that is through our friend Pete and Merch Lackey. We have some old T-Shirt designs that have been long out of stock as well as a brand new hooded sweatshirt. Also we finally received the “Riot for Romance” vinyl and that is available as well.

Who knows exactly what the future holds. Once we know, we’ll let you know. Thanks for checking in.

Posted on February 24, 2016 by noknife
Here’s the latest. Ryan has been doing well for himself. He scored the San Diego Music Award for best pop album and performed 2 songs at the awards cemony. 91X in San Diego has added his song “Suddenly” to their regular playlist and a couple LA stations have followed suit with some airplay. Ryan’s EP “Three, Four” is now available for download on iTunes. Check it out if haven’t already. As always there’s more info on Ryan’s website:

Brian Desjean has been working on some new projects too. I have heard some of the early formations of these ideas and can’t wait to see the live performances. It’s some really interesting stuff and is way different from the No Knife rock of old. Daring new directions…

As for Chris, I have been working on the Jade Shader stuff and our first 7 song CD, Curse of the Tuatara is being released on October 18th in America and soon after in Japan. We are busy playing shows and are planning a tour of the Northwest US this Winter. Also look for LA and San Diego dates this October. Check or our mySpace page for info, music and contacts. A quick thanks to 91X and FM 94.9 for the support and early airplay on our CD!
In addition to the Jade Shader stuff I recently performed keyboard/guitar/backing vocals with Pinback on some September California dates.

I think that’s it for now. I’ll do my best to post anything new that is worth noting. As always, thanks for checking in!